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The Patrol Pack from Zyon Systems, wearable insurance for a dangerous profession.

Zyon Systems Patrol Pack

The Patrol Pack is designed to be an extension of safety for first responders who find themselves on foot in a rural environment. It is full of essential equipment as well as food and water storage for an entire shift or operational period. Every piece of equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to seamlessly complement what is already carried on a duty belt and/or tac vest.

Whether you are responding to a service call or responding to a disaster, this pack has what you need to stay safe and focused on the task at hand. Total weight is 11lbs.

Zyon Systems Patrol Pack4

The pack itself is a bomb proof CamelBak H.A.W.G. milspec. It’s extremely durable and comes in multicam to match your tactical gear. It has a 100oz hydration bladder and extra storage space for mags, coms gear, or extra clothing. We include essential tools like a Leatherman Wave multitool and a Fenix HL55 headlamp. The Snugpak Patrol Rain Poncho, fleece watch cap, and Mechanix Gloves will protect you from the elements. Camo face paint and a camo veil are included to conceal you while tracking or conducting surveillance. The pack comes standard with a Zyon Systems enhanced one day food pack that will keep you nourished while in the field.

Zyon Systems Patrol Pack2

The Patrol Pack is a complete package so it comes with bug repellent, sunscreen, and a sanitation kit. We include a tactical trauma kit with Quick Clot gauze to supplement your IFAK (individual first aid kit), for major traumatic injuries. We also include a small waterproof first aid kit to handle the small cuts and scrapes you might encounter. For the female responder, we offer an additional kit that includes a pee funnel, so you don’t have to remove your duty belt when nature calls, and feminine hygiene products so you’re always prepared. We pay attention to the details of this kit so you can pay attention to the threats in front of you and be prepared for whatever situation arises.

Zyon Systems Patrol Pack3

The Zyon Systems Patrol Pack is a point-click-buy solution for first responders, departments, and tactical teams who are looking for a high quality and well designed field pack. For no extra charge we will remove all packaging and configure this pack for you prior to shipping, that way it’s ready to be deployed the minute it arrives at your door.

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