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Zulu Nylon Gear launched a new magazine pouch, the AK Double Magazine Pouch, an interesting pouch that opens downward and carries the magazines facing up.

Zulu Nylon Gear  - AK Double Magazine Pouch

This design is specifically fitted to the contour of the AK type magazine and intended to carry in a rounds up, rounds out configuration. The reverse flap design protects the top rounds without sacrificing the speed of an uncovered, open top type pouch.

Zulu Nylon Gear  - AK Double Magazine Pouch2

Rip the large pull tab downward and the flap will naturally secure itself, opening a clear path to draw magazines from the top and rock in to your AK.

The Zulu Nylon Gear – AK Double Magazine Pouch is available in Black and Coyote Brown for $36.00 and MulitCam or A-TACS AU for $38.00 directly from  Zulu Nylon Gear


  • Fits most steel and polymer 7.62x39mm AK-47 type magazines
  • Also fits aluminum vz.58, CZ858, VZ2008 type magazines
  • Bottom features grommet for drainage
  • Attaches with 2 Long MALICE Clips (not included)
  • Made with high quality MILSPEC components
  • Made in USA!

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