The most realistic and authentic looking AEG the PTW Mod-0 URX3.1

We know some of you out there have fancied the idea of going all out on an Airsoft Training Weapon and wondered how far you could take it and what it would take to get there. Now thanks to ZShot, your dream has now manifested into reality; featuring the ZShot American PTW (Professional Training Weapon), a rifle so ambitious in the pursuit of realism and authenticity that it is literally made from real firearm components.

For the first time ever the lower receiver has been milled from an actual 80% AR receiver, the upper receiver fitted from a real LMT upper, and furniture from Magpul. Powering the rifle internally is a hand fitted, hand tuned SYSTEMA SuperMAX gearbox, SYSTEMA M130 Cylinder Unit, SYSTEMA ECU / Switch, and SYSTEMA 490B Motor. The entire rifle is fully tuned by experienced technicians for squeezing out every ounce of performance.

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