Introducing | The latest design to the Zero Tolerance Knives family, the Limited Edition ZT0427 Knife.

A collaboration between Zero Tolerance and Dmitry Sinkevich, the Limited Edition 0427 achieves something few folders have: It opens equally well with the built-in flipper—and with the hole in the blade. Sound simple? It’s not.

Zero Tolerance ZT0427

Balancing quick and easy flipper opening action with precise manual opening is a complex manufacturing issue. The 0427 succeeds in striking that exacting balance thanks to our new Tuned Detent System™ (TDS). TDS puts the detent ball on the front scale of the knife in an inset steel plate. This plate enables us to “fine tune” the detent so that it’s Goldilocks perfect—not too heavy, not too light.

And that’s just the beginning of the high-performance features of this forward-looking knife.

Zero Tolerance ZT0427 2

The blade features our Composite Blade Technology to join two steels in one blade. In this case, we put CTS XHP on the cutting edge and CPM154 on the spine with two-tone satin grinds and black PVD on the upper. CTS XHP is a high-carbon, high-chromium stainless steel that can achieve high hardness. Its fine carbide distribution enables ZT to produce an extremely sharp cutting edge.

The handle is machined titanium with burnished bronze PVD coating and carbon fiber inserts. The 0427 also features a titanium lock with hardened steel lockbar insert for a secure blade lockup. The clip is machined from titanium and bronze PVD coated to match the handle. The aluminum backspacer is integral to the knife and extends to form part of the handle.

Zero Tolerance ZT0427 3

The Limited Edition 0427 comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity from Zero Tolerance and Dmitry Sinkevich and will be available sometime in 2017.

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