Zenith Firearms Introduces new US 922r Compliant Z-43P Rifle.

The Zenith Z-43P Rifle is the result of outfitting our Z-43P pistol with a 16.1-inch US-made barrel and triple frame front site, a US-made bird cage-style flash hider, a US-made Midwest Industries M-LOK handguard with movable rail section that allows for multi-position light or laser attachment.

A US-made hammer, trigger, and sear, and a Choate adjustable length-of-pull stock that side-folds for stowage or transport within confined spaces. Sold with the Choate stock, the Z-43P Rifle is fully 922(r) compliant in that it features the seven (7) required US-made parts.

The Z-43P Rifle comes with a 42-inch Plano All Weather rifle case, a boresnake and Slip 2000 cleaning oil, two (2) extra take-down pins, a military style sling, three (3) magazines, and a 5-year warranty.