Protect your eyes well,… you only have one pair!

Eye protection is by far the most important thing. Not only in airsoft. Charge my if I´m wrong! One brand I personally trust is WILEY X. Over the years, I tryed out different brands too but these have become my favorite once. Why? They just fit me well and I feel very compfortable with them.

The ROGUE COMM  is my thrid model from the WILEY X family I came across from our partner Military 1st and here´s a quick write-up for you about it´s features and benifts.

You can buy this model in three different  set-ups regarding the glasses included in the package & you can choose from a Black or a TAN Frame. The all happy one means  Grey/Clear/Light Rust, the Grey/Clear and the Clear one as you personal prefer it the most or how much money you want to spend on it. The Glases can be easiely removed from the frame in seconds and so ist the nose piece too. It makes it quiet easy to change it in the field so you can adjust the glases to the daylight and or the weather if it changes very quick to stay focused on the job. The ROGUE is also compatible with WILEY-X’s Prescription Lens Carrier (PTX) if you´re in the need of this.

The nose piece and the cutting of the glases are very wide to fit all nose sizes what makes this model a one size fits all one. Great benefit in my opinion. Also, the unique wraparound fit from the classic half frame design provides a very good protection even if you got shot from the 180° position. Most „sun glasses style“ lenses can´t provide you that much protection.

Editors Note:  I have seen a lot of players over the years got shot into the eye from the angle named above! Most happend during CQB events where you take fire from almost all angles and close distances. Most of them were lucky with less to no injuries afterwards but as the saying goes ~ “hope is not a good plan“! Protect your eyes well guys!

What kind of protection can you expect from the glasses?

Here´s the official product information from WX – Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate Lenses that Meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) Ballistic Standards. ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and Mass Impact Standards, and EN-166 Standards. 100 Percent UVA/UVB Protection with Distortion Free Clarity. T-Shell™ lens coating resists scratching in extreme environments Foil™ Lens Coating Provides Anti-Fog Protection.

Any questions left?


Biggest benefit and win. The new very thin Comm Temples offer the user of shooting earmuffs and other ear mounted communication devices a comfortable fit. Almost not noticeable, it will keep you focused during a long day of work. The thin design keeps your comfortable at any time.

The WX curved temple system provides you with a secure and comfort feeling that allows you to move fast and quickly without compromise the safety the eyewear provide. 

Just to show you the difference in numbers:

Comm Temples 0.9 mm.
Regular temples 4.0 mm.

And if you don´t truse me, look at this picture:

If you ever had a hard time running your standard glasses with comms, the ROGUE has you covered from now on.

The whole package also includes a cleaning cloth, a strap with rubber tips, instruction manual and it all comes in a black zippered clamshell case to hold it well protected and stored.

If you like to buy this model or want to see others from WILEY X, head over to Military 1st and discover the full line-up available.

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