The Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit was designed so that you can comfortably carry life saving medical gear with you everyday.

It features easy to use medical components capable of treating the number one preventable cause of death, bleeding out.

Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit 2

We understand that when it comes to EDC, the things you carry need to actually be comfortable or they will end up not being carried at all. The EDC Pocket Trauma Kit is the first trauma kit on the market to actually fit comfortably in your back or front pocket while still being fully featured to save a life. If you carry the power to take a life, you should carry the power to save a life.

Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit

In the backcountry and on the battlefield bleeding out is the number one preventable cause of death. The EDC Pocket Trauma Kit contains easy to use components to deal with traumatic injuries. The versatile SWAT Tourniquet is easy to use under the stress of a medical emergency and can also be used as a direct compression wrap and even as a sling.

Celox Rapid Ribbon is included for packing traumatic wounds. Used by the US Military and Law Enforcement Celox Rapid Ribbon comes z-folded for quick application and is proven to stop bleeding fast.

Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit 3

Despite the uptick in violence around the world you are still more likely to need basic first aid supplies on the daily basis. Included in the EDC Pocket Trauma Kit is a Micro First Aid Kit that contains first aid supplies to treat a variety of injuries.

Ease and speed of access during an emergency is huge. This kit features a zippered fully opening pouch that gives quick access to the neatly organized components inside. The EDC Pocket Trauma Pouch is marked as Medical with a no snag embroided tag for smooth insertion/extraction from pockets.

Wild Hedgehog Tactical EDC Pocket Trauma Kit 5

Durable construction without vacuum sealing provides multiple benefits:
-Ease of access to components and one handed use.
-Ability to familiarize yourself with what is inside your kit before an emergency.
-Softer & more comfortable in your pocket.

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at anytime. In the event of an emergency, you are the First Responder! This kit gives you the right tools to save a life wherever you are.

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