Introducing | The Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite

“The WLCOX Skull Lock™ Head Mount-Lite is a lightweight, lo-profile, and lo-vis comprised entirely of fabric, lending comfort and versatility to usage and storage. This system accommodates the complete line of Wilcox NVG mounts offering you the versatility of a helmet mounting solution without the added weight of a ballistic helmet.”

Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite

“A padded velcro cap design derived from the First Spear helmet cover, allows attachment of patches and strobes and also utilizes their removable battery pouch that stores a battery pack or counterweight system for NVG weight distribution. The Team Wendy CAM-FIT™ Retention System is completely adjustable and conforms to your head with the turn of the Boa® dial. When not in use, the system can easily be folded and placed into a cargo pocket or pack.” 

Kit includes: Skull Lock™ Head Mount-Lite, battery pouch and storage bag. NVG mounts sold separately.

Available colour: black, tan and multi-cam

To puchase this product, please visit: www.wilcoxind.com/Skull-Lock-Head-Mount-Lite

NOTE DPAM and GSGM NVG mounts require interface plate adaptor sold separately.