White fatal


White Fatal | An Article written by Eli of Project Gecko

In this article Eli is going to describe you a situation that often happens to those who are not so experienced or trained during CQB trainings and specifically in real situations.


2008- hot, dusty and stressful.Finally we reached the ‘physical’ part of our ‘Urban’ qualification. The training ground looked like a small random settlement straight out of Tatooine (Star-wars).

It was our first real physical training of different various CQB methods,with a great focus on the entry phases.I was number 2, behind my buddy ready to enter the room. It was our first time with live fire. Needless to say: no more game or simulation…a real cause & effect. We entered the room via the procedure we learned. Since, like I mentioned above, the place was full with sand, the whole room which had no windows turned very fast into a one big dust cloud. We couldn’t see more than two meters ahead. Seconds after ‘stabbing’ the 180° to the left, I recognized a continuous passage to a next room and automatically notified my buddy.

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