WE Airsoft Introduces the new GP1799 Series, a new line of competition Airsoft pistols that will be available worldwide soon.

WE is launching a new Series of pistols, offering powerful blowback and balanced stability, The WE GP1799 inherited from the acclaimed WE G-Series. The WE GP1799 is a new product developed specifically for airsoft competitions. Together with a new frame, a once world famous pistol is born again – WE GP1799!!


Due to copyright issues in the EU and US markets, this system is specially developed, giving the most innovative and ideal results. The key feature is most of the parts are in common with the G-Series.Apart from the pistol frame, other components, such as magazine, mechanics, spare parts, etc. are 90% the same as the G-Series !!!

Slides of the G-Series can be used on this pistol. Vice versa, the slide of this pistol is suitable for different models of the G-Series. Even the new split-slide from the G-Series can also be fitted. Airsofters can freely mix and match.


The new WE GP1799 is coming to quality airsoft retails near you soon.
For distributors and wholesales, please send your orders to sales@weairsoft.com

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