NOW, it´s time to introduce you a new Categorie on our Blog. It´s called “The GEAR Gallery”. In the future, we will bring you different presentations of Gear loadouts and more. This Categorie is for all you out there who try to find the right gear for the own custom style or correct Reenactment stuff.  First up, is a overview of “real” Navy SEAL gear. We think some of you know the picture to the left – it was in the American Warrior Magazin Issue #1. The SEAL on the pic´s wears we wanna say “HOT SHIT gear” in AOR1/NWU2 camo. We want to give you our first GEAR list below as we know them as well. To see all pictures (and there´s a lot of) with the GEAR he wears – please visit the “gear channel” at NRA Life of Dutys website – but there´s no “GEAR list” only have it here!


GEAR List:


…we wanna say thank you NRA & Brownells for let us use the pictures for the GEAR presentation.

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