Voodoo Tactical released 4 new Vests. Every Vest comes with a complete Set of Pouches. More details about upcoming colors/camos soon here on the Blog!


Special Forces Vest in Olive Drab (OD) – 198,95EUR

Voodoo Tactical Vest Special Forces in Olive Drab (OD)

In Special Forces O.D. set you get:

1x X-Lite Gen II Plate Carrier – O.D.
1x Individual First Aid Kit – IFAK – OD
1x Hydration Carrier with Removable Harness – OD
1x Pistol Mag Pouch – Triple – OD
1x Radio Pouch – OD
1x Admin Pouch – O.D.
2x M4/M16 Open Top Mag Pouch with Bungee System – Double – OD




Gunner Vest in Coyote – 169,95EUR

Voodoo Tactical Vest Gunner Coyote

In Gunner Coyote set you get:

1x X-Lite Gen II Plate Carrier – Coyote
1x Tactical Firstt Aid Pouch – Coyote
1x Radio Pouch – Coyote
2x M4/AK47 Mag Pouch – Double – Coyote
2x 40mm Grenade Pouch – Double – Coyote




Contractor in (genuine) Multicam – 139,95EUR

Voodoo Tactical Contractor Vest

In Contractor Multicam set you get:

1x ICE High Mobility Plate Carrier One Size – Multicam
1x M4/M16 Open Top Mag Pouch with Bungee System – Double – Multicam
1x M4/AK47 Mag Pouch – Double – Multicam
1x Dump Pouch – Multicam
2x Pistol Mag Pouch – Double – Multicam

Genuine Multicam!




SWAT SMG in Balck – 169,95EUR

Voodoo Vest S.W.A.T. SMG Black

In S.W.A.T. Black set you get:

1x X-Lite Gen II Plate Carrier – Black
1x MOLLE Rip-Away Medic Pouch – Black
1x MOLLE Handcuff Case – Black
1x M84 Flash Bang Pouch – Double – Black
3x MP5 Mag Pouch – Double – Black




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