The guys at Violent Little dropped some new swag for you. If you like patches and… there you go.

Fuckin’ Yeah,

Did you ever notice on late night talk shows, or even SNL for that matter, that the host, like Conan or David Letterman, is always like “We have a terrific show for you tonight.” “We have an amazing show tonight.”…even though the show is just average or downright fucking disappointing. Its bullshit. You can’t have an amazing show every night, gents. There’d be a lot more dignity in it if they just admitted their situation and were like “We’ve got an OK show for you.” Or even better if they were like “Let’s face it, this show fucking sucks.” Its a lot like our emails. We were going to come out here today and be like “We’ve got a couple amazing products for you tonight…” But no, we’re not going to do that. Today’s stuff is ok…its cool…we like it, but it ain’t changing the fucking world and you’re not going to have your socks off. Welcome to disappointment.

The Violent Little Low Life Morale Patch


The Violent Little Low Life is kind of a thing around here. Like, its cool to get stuck at the bar and there are no cabs left or Ubers and we have to walk a couple miles home on the side of the road and piss multiple times in people’s yards. Its a full embrace of all those bad military habits that you carry into your civilian life to intentionally keep not fitting in.

Get it here >>> None Of That Pussy Skoal Shit 

Legz Morale Patch


A good set of legs are always hard to find. But a set of sexy legs attached to a standard SOPMOD  rifle is damn near impossible. Lucky for us the crew over at Victor Wrenches has got their ducks in a row.

Get it here >>> Get Lost In Legs For Days

Dick Butt Air Freshener


If you’re looking to diversify your bonds and your car air freshener game, look no further than the Dick Butt air freshener. Good luck finding any other air freshener that simply smells of musk. Featured in our original Little Box of Violence and based off the original Dick Butt Morale Patch.

Get it here >>> Smells Like Pure Gasoline