Viewpoint Tactical Magazine is a new free online tactical magazine that covers several interesting articles for gun enthusiasts.

viewpoint tactical magazine
It is the VIEWPOINT of this publication to provide articles that educate, engage, maybe even shock the reader. VPTAC contributors are experienced MIL, LE, PMC, Homeland, Intel, Trainers, Operators and more. They contribute because they feel the need to speak about their VIEWPOINT. Some will engage us with world events others the latest training observations… others may shed some light on things we know nothing about. Diversity is the name of the game here and the mission is simple… offer UNIQUE VIEWPOINTS from a diverse set of contributors from all aspects of the TACTICAL Community.

The first issue covers the following topics:

  • TACMED Training: The Real Deal
  • Gates of Fire
  • The Story of Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis
  • Russia Israel: The Proxy War
  • Cyber TCSM
  • When LEDET meets Legend
  • Dick Kramer Interview
  • SAWMAN talks Rhinos
  • Shoot-Move-Communicate
  • and much more

To read the Viewpoint Tactical Magazine РIssue 1, jjust click the cover below.

viewpoint tactical magazine issue 1 cover