Available for 7 days only! The Vickers Medic Sling from BFG Inc.

The Vickers Medic Sling was designed with input from 18D’s and other combat medics that wanted maximum adjustability in their sling, but didn’t want to deal with a long, flopping ‘tail’ as found on some other slings. Built with full Vickers Sling functionality, an extra Quick Adjuster means a more snug fit for when you need your hands free.

Vickers Medic Sling

The Vickers Medic Sling was one of Blue Force Gears very first limited release slings in their early days. Ever since it’s limited run, people have asked about it, and now the people have spoken. They’re offering a limited run of this sling for seven days only!

Hurry up and get yours NOW >> www.blueforcegear.com/vickers-medic-sling