The Icon of Counter Terrorism – King of 9mm submachine gun

As you may remember, we posted about the release of the 2020 version of the MP5A5 GBBR from Vega Force Company (VFC) a few days ago to inform you that Redwolf Airsoft has it on pre-order already, now VFC was kind enough to share the full details with us and here you go with all you need to know.

The VFC MP5A5 GBBR V2 system is the new upgrade works of the MP5 series gas-blow-back system airsoft guns, offering players an awesome shooting experience and amazing performance, come to experience the best VFC GBBR system!

New design MP5 GBBR V2 System

The VFC MP5 series GBBR V2 is the performance upgraded version of MP5 GBBR series. It not only keeps the detail on appearance, but also greatly improved the internal components and handling. It uses a newly designed bolt assembly with enhanced nozzle assembly, upgraded fire control, internal structure and enhanced buffer/ recoil spring. For use with new gen2 MP5 GBBR magazine, the whole system works stunning!

Main Receiver Build Method

The entire receiver of the MP5 GBBR is manufactured from stamped steel, with welding and assembly just like the original; A true reproduction of the classic.

Realistic and Outstanding Functionality

Realism is included. With the mechanically similar operation of a GBBR, powerful recoil, last round stopping function, new design bolt and fire control configuration; it allows users to enjoy a fun and realistic shooting experience… and with lower maintenance costs!

Read all about this classic gun which is not just a nice one to play with – it´s also acollectorrs piece of its own!

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