KWA QRF Pistol Caliber AR w/ Adjustable FPS AEG 2.5 Gearbox

With all of the same features of the MOD.1, the MOD.2 is also compatible with TK.45 and TK.45c magazines. The version 2 gearbox also allows the user to install advance electronic trigger units or MOSFETs to achieve top tier performance and fire control customization.

Internally, the QRF MOD.2 is the twin sister to the MOD.1 but the externals make the MOD.2 a different species of the same beast. KWAs innovation continues to push boundaries in craftsmanship like you’ve never seen before.

The QRF Series AEGs showcases KWAs unrivaled quality that will be turning heads you while giving you the ultimate advantage on the field.

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