We´re proud to introduce you the Valken Alliance

Online just a couple hours is the new site from VALKEN called “Valken Alliance” and we´re pleased to be the first airsoft media to inform you about. It isn´t just a website to shop their products if you think that way, NO it´s much more then that. It´s a new concept for their customers and all players around the world to get connectet to share their experience, review Valken products, get exclusive alliance merch, the patch member ship and much more services.

Valken Alliance

As a video says more then a thousend words, I decided to put the official launch video my friend Bob also known as the “Kaiju” in this article for you. There you´ll get the information you need to start your profil at the page, and all facts about the idea and where they wanna go ini the future.

Launch Video

Interested to become a alliance member? You want to be part of something new? Then sign-up and invite your team members to join you too!

Join today at >>  www.valkenalliance.com

Haven´t checked the Valken 2017 Product Line-up? Here´s the link to their catalog