MilSim Knowledge – New 40mm launchers for the Devil Dogs

Time has come for the Marines to say bye bye to the M203 Grenade Launcher who was the working whore to provide additional firepower to the infantry on the field. In service since the 1970s as a underbarrel mounted launcher, the M203 got the job done all the way till present day.

M320 Launcher

A Marine prepares to shoot an M320 mounted on an M4 rifle at Camp Lejeune, N.C., June 6, 2017. 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion is one of the first Marine Corps units to test the M320, a more effective weapon system than the current M203 grenade launcher. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by LCpl. Taylor W. Cooper)

As the concept from the ´70s dosn´t fit into modern combat operation needs, the M203 has to go and make space for more modern systems like the HK M320 has to offer, and the Marines finally choose this new system to be theirs from now on.

More real steel facts about the M320:

For us airsofters there´re a few options to buy one to complete a modern USMC look too. ARES just came out with their version or you go with the Iron Airsoft version which is around for some years already and trusted from many players.

If you really want one, you find a way to get one!