MilSim News Update – Nightforce for USMC SS

The U.S. Marine Corps has selected Nightforce Optics for its Advanced Tactical Riflescope (ATACR) to be included on the Mk13 Mod 7 Rifle System chambered for .300 Win. Mag. This platform, topped with the ATACR 5-25X 56 mm first-focal-plane optic, represents a modern upgrade over the Vietnam War-era M40 package.

The ATACR optic, chosen for its full suite of modern features, includes the Tremor3 reticle, a milliradian-based grid designed to expedite wind speed and distance calculations. “The increased capability of the newly issued Mk13 Mod 7 sniper rifle requires a scope that is as rugged, reliable, repeatable and dependable as the United States Marines tasked with using it, said Tod Litt, business development manager for Nightforce’s military and law enforcement departments.

“The Nightforce MIL-SPEC ATACR 5-25X 56 mm F1 was chosen as the day scope to take full advantage of the rifle systems’ competencies.” 

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