How does airsoft work out as a training platform for real weapon shooters? Eric from The Gear Locker answer the questions the guys over at “Jerking the Trigger” had about airsoft. Enjoy reading!


Jerking the Trigger Note from JTT:

I know just enough about airsoft to see the training potential in it but not enough to venture into the unknown territory alone. The airsoft market seems little familiar to a shooter like me but it also seems like it is laden with traps like poor quality equipment, knock-offs, and people who aren’t what they seem. That is why I reached out to Eric who knows the topic inside and out. I asked him a series of questions that I had and I suspect that they are the same questions that some of you have about airsoft.

I have already taken some of his advice and you will likely see some airsoft related content on JTT in the near future. Rest assured that this will not become an airsoft blog. I only intend to explore some of the training potential of airsoft and none of the gaming aspects.


VFC HK 416


Using Airsoft as a Training Tool

Are you unable to hit the range as often as you would like? Are you looking for something more exciting than dry fire training? Then I have the answer for you, training weapons. Some may call them airsoft guns, but the higher end airsoft guns are a great training tool when you cannot get to the range. In this article, I hope to answer some of the questions that people have when looking to purchase an airsoft training weapon.

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