MilSim Knowledge – New GAU5/A Rifle

If you had followerd our social media last week, you maybe recognised that we did a classic “Air Force Joke” there about the new rifle and how they´re able to use it or not. I mean, it´s a fact that the Air Force is not a real branch of the military isn´t it?! 😉

Anyway, there´s a new rifle available which goes straight into the survival kit pilots would rely on should they have to eject. The U.S. Air Force recently highlighted the new Aircrew Self Defense Weapon called GAU5/A and we found a good write-up over at that you can read if you interested to learn more.


The compact modified GAU-5/A rifles, which have folding pistol grips and a quick-detach barrel/handguard, have been in development for the past several years and are a component of a 40-pound bailout set that includes flares, a flashlight, a life raft, medical and survival modules, noted the Air Force earlier this month. The guns can be quickly assembled and are packed with four, 30-round 5.56mm magazines.

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Photos: USAF