US Elite Exclusive Salomon Forces Sua Sponte Mk III

U.S. Elite is proud to announce the latest exclusive collaboration with Salomon FORCES – the Sua Sponte Mark III. We’re bringing back everything you’ve loved about the previous models, once again in Gore-Tex, and featuring a bevy of new safety features.

The newest in ultimate assault boots is back and better looking than ever. This time offering more protection; a beefier, puncture and slip-resistant outsole, as well as bringing back the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane end-users have been asking for.

You asked for it, and we listened. We’ve brought back the Gore-Tex membrane in the Mark III’s, meaning you’ll get that unparalleled waterproofing you’ve come to expect from Salomon FORCES boots with Gore-Tex. The Sua Sponte Mark III have been made ISO 20347:2012 compliant meaning their soles are puncture, oil/slip resistant, and anti-static. You’re getting more kick-a$$ components on an already kick-a$$ boot.

We’ve kept some of the features from Salomon’s original, best-selling XA PRO and the latest XA FORCES MID GTX EN. An example being the easy to adjust, on and off, Quicklace® system. A quick tug on the laces and you’ll get a fit better than any similar tactical boot.

U.S. Elite and Salomon FORCES have once again collaborated to bring you one of the best tactical boots available. Through years of working closely together, with your professional end-user feedback, Salomon and U.S. Elite have taken the latest in Salomon’s technology, and packaged it up in a top-tier, sexy, tactical boot.

Exclusive to U.S. Elite, the original Sua Sponte was meant for a more metropolitan end-user. We’ve since found this boot is equally at home on your local range or shopping mall as it is deployed overseas kicking down some doors in a rough part of town. Why not do some good while looking good too?

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