Offering a range of weapons and tools built for battle, the M48 line by United Cutlery is the absolute in tactical perfection.

“The M48 brand has always been designed as a line of heavy duty utility and tactical tools. This time around we decided to do something more edgy and fun, but still fully functional and built to the same tough standards as our other M48 products. We had been discussing the need for a dagger or stiletto in the line, but decided to go a completely different direction,” said Kit Rae, master knife and sword designer.

The newly released M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife is like no other knife on the market and has absolutely no competition.

Cast from 2Cr13 stainless steel, the blade is crafted into a spiraling masterpiece of design with the three twisting cutting edges coming down to an incredibly sharp piercing point.

“We always liked the three edged blades on Tibetan Phurba daggers and the twisted spike designs of some antique stiletto blades. The Cyclone basically combines those two ideas with a three-edged spiral spike, like a triple helix,” said Rae.

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