The new SMG leader in airsoft?

Take a look at the latest video review form Redwolf Airsoft that covers the so much awaited MP7 AEG from UMAREX. Enjoy and decide if you think YES, it´s the new leader in town!

The long awaited Umarex MP7 AEG is finally here and is a full sized and accurate representation of the wildly popular SMG from Heckler and Koch. Being a fully licensed product it features all the corresponding markings and trades.

The MP7 AEG comes with a few features that do make it stand out as a unique product in its own right. Aesthetically, the gun features a full CNC steel flash hider and the high quality polymer build know from its GBBR counter part. Internally the gun features a new, next generation micro switch and FET system. Additionally, the gun features empty magazine detection giving the AEG an extra level of realism.

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