Our first station this Year at IWA was the UMAREX booth. The guys showed us their new products for 2012 and first up “yes you know it” was the long awaited H&K 417 AEG. So what´s new in this gun? First is a redesigned V2 GearBox (VFC calls it V2.2) which has a custom made connector for the pistol grip (see at the pic´s below), which allows to fit the special H&K grip. Umarex told us, this connector could be changed in the future as soon as the spare parts are available, to fit normal pistol grips as well. The rest of the parts are the same as used in a V2 GearBox. Nothing new inside! The gun comes with a mid cap magazine and not with a standard HiCap. Release date will be May/2012. Click here for the Gallery.