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The modular Striker SloCam Clothing System has been designed to allow the highest operating efficiency to focus on your mission objective in a wide range of operational situations and under the most diverse climatic conditions. In this video, the guys at UF PRO highlight some of their products to show you how they “blend in”!



Find out more at >>> www.ufpro.si/uf_pro_striker_slocam_bdu


About UF PRO

Uniforma_UF_PROUNI&FORMA was founded in 1997 with the vision to make high performance garment systems for demanding professionals.

Under the brand name UF PRO®, the garments are today worn by various military and law enforcement special forces, where they are appreciated for its excellent wear comfort, quality and reliability. In order to provide a completely satisfying experience with our UF PRO® garments at all times, the uncompromising product quality, a fair price, as well as sustainability and social fairness have the utmost priority for us. Learn more >>> http://ufpro.si/about_us


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