UF PRO to Make Striker Tactical Gear Available in Subconscious-Bending Concealment Pattern CONCAMO

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (28 th February 2019)— UF PRO® said today its range of
best-in-class Striker tactical gear will be offered in an innovative camouflage pattern
that provides cloaking effectiveness like no other thanks to its prowess at sending
subconscious brain signals into disarray.

The new pattern is called CONCAMO—or, “confusion camouflage”—which employs a
novel and highly sophisticated design to prevent the mind from correctly making sense
of information supplied by the eyes while gazing in the direction of a CONCAMO
wearer, according to Armin Wagner, head of product development for UF PRO®, maker
of advanced- technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military
and law- enforcement units.

“CONCAMO scrambles brain signals way down deep, at the subconscious level,”
Wagner explained. “It does a remarkable job of keeping wearers hidden, even when
they are literally just meters away from the observer. It makes the wearer invisible to an
extent that really must be experienced to be fully appreciated.”

Wagner said Striker tactical gear available in CONCAMO will
• Striker HT Combat Pants
• Striker XT Combat Shirt
• Striker XT Combat Jacket
• Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat

Striker tactical gear, he noted, is a favourite of Europe’s elite

“We think CONCAMO will be a huge hit with our customers not just in Europe but far
beyond,” Wagner offered, adding that Striker products are recognized the world over
for their extreme durability, superior comfort, and extraordinary utility.

“CONCAMO’s patented special pattern arrangement features 8 colours blended
through various elements and shadings to produce more than 60 layers of perceivable
depth,” he continued. “It’s an incredibly effective concealment system that works
beautifully in a spectrum of environments—forests, grasslands, deserts, mountainous
snow country, even urban areas.”

Wagner indicated that CONCAMO was developed in Germany by respected
designer Matthias Bürgin.

“Bürgin was just 17 when he designed a very effective collection of
three-dimensional camouflage nets,” Wagner said. “As an adult serving with a
special military unit, his knowledge of camouflage patterns and the science behind
them increased exponentially.

Later, back in, civilian life, he acquired expertise in perceptual psychology and applied
those insights to the design of advanced-technology camouflage patterns. CONCAMO
represents his current pinnacle of achievement.”

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>> https://ufpro.com/concamo

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