Introducing – The brand new UF PRO Flag Ship Store

If you follow UF PRO on facebook, you maybe saw some pictures of the opening from their new Flag Ship Store in Trzin, Slovenia earlier ths week. Today we officialy received the press-release from the company to keep you, our readers in the loop. You find all you need to know below. Enjoy reading.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (JUNE 29, 2017) – It used to be that shoppers’ only option for procuring merchandise direct from innovative tactical clothing maker UF PRO was to go online and “buy before trying,” but as of now they can also “try before buying” thanks to the company’s decision to open a walk-in retail store in the heart of Trzin, Slovenia, UF PRO today announced.

The 140-square-meter retail space serves as a showcase of UF PRO’s most in-demand tactical clothing lines. On the ground floor, shoppers can browse the full collections of Striker Combat gear, Monsoon Waterproof garments, Delta Cold Weather gear and more, according to the company.

One floor up, displays of the company’s newest offerings await. Among them are the newly introduced Frost Grey range, Striker XT BDU in SloCam, and 3-Farben Flecktarn, UF PRO said.

Adds Exciting Dimension to UF PRO

“The physical store will add an exciting dimension to the UF PRO shopping experience,” added Nejc Zavrl, who heads the company’s marketing department.

“We’ve been very successfully offering our products through our web shop and through our partners all over the world for the past several years, so creating a walk-in environment where clients could experience UF PRO gear up close and personal like this was the next logical step for us,” Zavrl explained.


The sleek, upscale, high-energy interior of the store is brightly lit and, on its main wall, features a map of the world with the names of various nations’ special-forces units stretched into the shape of each continent, Zavrl indicated.

“It took us a considerable investment of time and effort to pull together the concepts for this store, but we believe we now have a physical site worthy of the name UF PRO – a place where people can fully experience the vibe of UF PRO”, said Zavrl.

UF PRO Store Hours

UF PRO the retail store is open from 0930 until 1700 hours, Tuesday through Friday, according to the company. The store is located at Planjava 6 in Trzin.

Meanwhile, the UF PRO retail store’s online counterpart remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit the online store here.

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