TYR Tactical Introduces the Huron™ Ultimate Range Bag Kit – OTC47

The Everyone sets up their Range Bag differently. We’re not going to tell you how to pack yours, but we are going to give you enough options so you can pack it the way you want it.

The Huron™ Ultimate Range Bag – OTC47 Kit (HRN-URB-OTC47-K) was designed in a holistic approach to support your day at the range or packing up to deploy overseas. This kit allows the shooter to pack and carry their equipment the best way that works for them.

Kit Components

•Qty.1 HRN-RRB100 – Huron™ Ultimate Range Rifle Bag
•Qty.1 HRN-RSB200 – Huron™ Range Saddlebag Kit
•Qty.1 HRN-PLIM3220 – Storm Rifle Case
•Qty.1 HRN-PBS300 – Huron™ VAS Bag Kit

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