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If you´re looking for a battle belt you have lots of options. The market is full of em and they are available in nearly any kind of variations. But which one is the best for you?! To make you this decision a bit lighter, we show you one belt (which is available in two versions) built by TYR Tactical a manufacture from the United States. Their name stands for high quality products and you can be sure to receive a solid product who comply you needs!

Note: This product presentation highlights some of it´s features! If you want to read all about the belts – just follow the links we provided you in here to their website where you can read the full content! Thanks


Brokos Belt

The TYR Tactical™ Brokos Belt (TYR-BKBLB) offers load carriage as well as optional ballistic coverage. We created with our revolutionary PV® material for durability and weight reduction.

TYR Tactical Brokos Belt


  • Made with the Revolutionary Hybrid PV® (Pluma Vires) Material
  • 50% Weight Reduction on Average
  • Independently Tested to 8X the Abrasion Resistance of Standard Mil-Spec Nylon
  • Higher Tensile Strength than 1000D Nylon
  • Improved Structural / Load Carriage Performance and Durability
  • Includes Foam Insert for soft armor option 


The Interior belt and accessories shown are NOT included! You have to order them separately.

Recommended Interior Base Belts: 
TYR Tactical™ Assaulters Base Belt-Tail with 2” Cobra Buckle 
TYR Tactical™ Rigger Base Belt with 2” Cobra Buckle 
TYR Tactical™ Base Belt-D with 2” Cobra Buckle 
TYR Tactical™ Base Belt with 2” Cobra Buckle 
TYR Tactical™ PV® Base Belt with 2” Cobra Buckle

Belt Length:

Small/Medium: 30”              
Large: 34”        
XLarge: 38”      
2XLarge: 42”

Get yours over here: www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/brokos-belt/tyr-brokos-belt

Brokos Belt

Brokos Belt Low Profile

The TYR Tactical™ Brokos Belt Low Profile (TYR-LP-BKBLB) is slim designd. It gives the operator all the capabilities of the standard Brokos Belt with a height reduction of 2.25” if you´re more comfortable with this.

TYR Tactical Brokos Belt Low Profile

TYR Tactical Brokos Belt Low Profile


Specifications >>> the same as showen above!

Get yours over here: www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/brokos-belt/tyr-brokos-belt-low-profile


This sizing video applies to all versions of the TYR Tactical™ Brokos Belt. Watch it first befor your order yours!! This video is helpful to find the right size. http://youtu.be/Ikr8h-HAou8


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