There are many types of Airsoft replicas out there from rifles, to pistols and of course, shotguns. Shotguns are an interesting dynamic to Airsoft as it is quite difficult to try and replicate the functionality and shooting style of Shotguns as replicas. So what type of shotguns are there and how different are they to each other?

Trishot Spring Action

Ignoring the fact there are the G&P single shot shotguns. The trishots have 3 inner barrels in the outer barrel which shoot 3 bbs per shot which are powered by a compressed spring actioned by the pump of the shotgun.

Trishots are the most common types of shotgun which are not only easy to use but also economical and cheap. Be aware that because they are economical, they can vary in quality and as such should be taken care of for the toys they are.

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Gas Reservoir Action

These shotguns are well known for shooting both 3 and 6 bbs at a time and are easier to pump due to the fact they use gas propellant and not a spring mechanism. Prone to leak.

Tokyo Marui pioneered the effective use of these types of shotguns with gas reservoirs and the use of the classic shells which are used in Trishot shotguns as well. These shotguns are also quite fragile however due to the way they are built, leaking if not properly maintained.

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Shell Ejecting Action

These shotguns are by far the most realistic as not only are they propelled by gas but use shells containing the bbs. These shotguns come in all manners of mechanisms which include having the gas in the shells or in a reservoir. Reloading shells is a feature and chore.

These shotguns are the most realistic and truely are the closest you can get to getting a similar spread to that of the real thing. Be aware that skirmishing with these shotguns are not as practical as the previous two and can lead to a lighter wallet if you know what I mean.