Medic Monday with the TT First Responder Move On MKII

To carry medical equipment with you is essential and a must have part of your gear dosen´t matter the mission. It just depents on how much you carry and for which case! In this case, we show you the Tasmanian Tiger First Responder Move On MKII backpack which is an advancement of the well-known Move On Medic pack.

TT First Responder Move On MKII

The pack is already in use with the German military. The new padded back carrying system features length-adjustable shoulder straps that superbly fit any back. The hip flaps can be removed if need, and two quick release buckles on the shoulder straps allow you to quickly jettison the pack.


The pack consists of a main backpack and a removable front pack that can of course also be used on its own to carry just “essentials”. There are three transparent pouches arranged on top of each other on the front backpack. These are equipped with Velcro straps in different colors that can be labeled and allow you to quickly identify contents. The pockets can also be used on their own.

TT First Responder Move On MKII

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