Triple Aught Design Announces their new Talisman Jacket, currently in the final stages of production, and are expected to begin shipping on March 10th, 2017.

From vintage motorcycle journeys to adventures on the high seas, waxed cotton jackets are timeless and storied garments. The Talisman reimagines this icon of style and capability with a refined balance of elegant geometry and heritage materials for the modern adventurer.

Initially developed by sailors in the 19th century, waxed cotton technology has stood the test of time. Densely woven canvas is impregnated with paraffin wax to create a breathable but waterproof shell that is both soft and supple.

Waxed cotton ages with use, recording an account of past adventures in its marks and creases. The proofing can be maintained over time by applying wax to the surface, ensuring the Talisman remains capable over a lifetime of use.

Durably constructed and fully finished, the Talisman is a formidable partner for your daily adventures and beyond pavement’s edge. Secure pockets inside and out keep your gear organized and accessible, and the stand-up collar conceals a stowable Ventile hood for additional weather protection.


  • Timeless Technology: Both the waxed cotton shell and the stowable Ventile hood provide natural protection from the elements.
  • Secure Storage: Traditional snap-down pockets with concealed gussets provide ample storage on the exterior, and a zippered interior pocket secures critical items.
  • Modern Classic: A relaxed fit paired with a ¾ zip and drop-tail hem provide mobility without impeding coverage. Intricate, mosaic piecing modernizes this timeless style for tomorrow’s adventures.

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