The RMJ Jenny Wren – Triple Aught Design Edition, Lightweight, Compact and Wickedly Aggressive.

Jenny Wren is the traditional name for a small, brownish-grey bird found in the Northern hemisphere. Its covert colors help it to disappear into its surroundings and its highly adaptive nature makes it a tenacious creature in new environments.

Triple Aught Design RMJ Jenny Wren 2

These characteristics spawned the namesake for RMJ’s Jenny Wren – a no-nonsense hawk that is a lightweight and compact field tool with a wickedly aggressive profile.

Triple Aught Design RMJ Jenny Wren 3

Developed to meet the requirements of a fixed blade knife in weight while retaining the tenacity and psychological advantage of a tomahawk, our RMJ Jenny Wren TAD Edition is a rare opportunity to get your hands on one of these hand crafted masterpieces.

Triple Aught Design RMJ Jenny Wren 5


  • The Chrome-Moly 4140 steel construction combined with a skeletonized tang results in a tomahawk that is nearly indestructible.
  • Exclusively available through Triple Aught Design is the hammer-poll head. Benefitting from the small footprint and low weight of this tool, the user will feel less of a drain on the body and a speed advantage during use and will enjoy the easy accessibility of having an axe and a hammer during camp prep.
  • Unique in its size, the Jenny Wren is small, but incredibly intimidating psychologically. This advantage makes it useful for situations where carrying a gun for self-defense is not an option.
  • The bottom eject, jump-ready Kydex scabbard has been completely redesigned. The new design is small, sleek and simple with improved retention making the tomahawk easier to deploy.
  • The scabbard includes RMJ’s new Multi-Option Carry (MOC) strap which is made from MIL-SPEC Berry Compliant hardware. The strap affords the user the ability to carry the tomahawk via belt, MOLLE or weapon sling

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