Triple Aught Design Shag Master Hoodie

Triple Aught Design releases new winter hoodie, the Shag Master.

Inspired by the earliest generations of synthetic pile jackets that revolutionized the mountaineering industry, our Shag Master is a unique insulation piece that continues to elude the masses. With its distinctive shaggy appearance and appropriately mischievous name, our jacket redefines your idea of creature comfort. It’ll be your go-to jacket when decompressing after a long day above eleven thousand feet, exploring the dark woods or belaying your climbing partner. Give in to the fuzziness and unleash your beast.

Triple Aught Design Shag Master Hoodie3

Designed as an insulation jacket, the Shag Master is made from Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft. This super soft fabric minimizes heat loss when you’re at a stand-still while letting air pass through to keep you cool when you’re in action. The optimal warmth-to-weight ratio provides unrivaled compressibility for those times you have big plans but little space. Integrated thumb holes provide partial hand coverage, while reinforced elbows strengthen the Shag’s ability to withstand hard use.

Triple Aught Design Shag Master Hoodie5

Tailored to layer comfortably under our Stealth Hoodie LT, our Shag Master features an active fit in an effort to reduce the material’s tendency to fit big, but the cut ensures there is enough room to move and layer when necessary. The natural softness of the Shag is enhanced by top stitches along all of the seams to keep them flattened and low profile when layering up. Updated media port pass-throughs utilize breaks in the material, instead of plastic guides, to reduce bulk while still cleanly routing headphones without snags or obstructions.

Triple Aught Design Shag Master Hoodie4

With the lastest Shag Master Hoodie, we spent time improving the construction of the hoodie’s fit and finish, including our traditional grosgrain ribbon zipper pulls and a full brush mesh panel sewn in from seam to seam behind the front pockets. The result of the mesh panel is a clean and comfortable interior finish. We also upgraded the Shag with our new three-piece hood. The shape encompasses your head to keep you protected from the elements without obstructing full visual range. The hood also has a reinforced, durable nylon brim to keep water away from your face. The nylon chin flap was built to lay comfortably against your neck with a clean aesthetic that won’t snag during zipper movement.

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