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The new Triple Aught Design –  Meridian Transport Case. Precision engineering, advanced materials, and durable construction.

Triple Aught Design Meridian Transport Case

Elegant and discreet. Precision engineering, advanced materials, and durable construction. The Meridian Transport Case will forever raise the expectations you place on your carry system, whatever your latitude. Architected from the ground up as an adaptable platform to live and work out of, the Meridian offers you unprecedented control and flexibility.

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Three clamshell-style primary compartments lay flat when open and utilize our Helix attachment system, allowing you to securely mount Transport Cubes, Control Panels, compression straps, and other accessories. The center compartment is protected by resilient padding on the sides and bottom, and fully supported by strong tubular webbing. Two open-top exterior pockets provide immediately accessible storage. Three full-width zippered pockets let you access specific gear without opening up the main compartments. Within the next-to-body open-top pocket lies a generously sized zippered admin pocket for off-body storage of important documents or items.

Whether you bundle, roll, or fold your attire, the Meridian has you covered. Included Helix compression straps secure bundled or folded clothes directly, or Transport Cubes can be used to store rolled or folded items. Sensitive items such as photography or communications equipment, spotting scopes, or computers are safely stored using our padded Protector Transport Cubes and secured via Helix attachments. Weapons and MOLLE-compatible pouches can be mounted to PALS-equipped rigid or flexible Control Panels while medical supplies can be organized and stored in Transport Cubes or mounted to Velcro-equipped Control Panels.

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Lightly structured, the Meridian fits comfortably under commercial airline seats and in overhead bins, even on small regional flights. Bridging the gap between hard cases and unstructured bags, the Meridian’s compressible construction is space-efficient and protective.

Exceptionally comfortable, the Meridian can be worn across your back or at your side for extended periods of time. The non-slip, ergonomic shoulder strap is made using a patented process combining durable nylon webbing, flexible neoprene, and elastic. Rugged, tubular webbing runs securely from the base to form integrated, stowable carry handles for off-shoulder carry. Concealed attachment rails support forthcoming backpack straps and other accessories.

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Inspired by the intermodal container system, the Helix (HX) attachment system provides a lightweight, modular solution for configuring storage platforms. Helix supports standardized, interconnecting modules which can be configured as fixed or railed storage, a multitude of compression and attachment options, and paneled storage configurations.

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