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Triple 7 Gear aka 20$Bandit launches crowdfunding campaign for the CORE Nano Wallet on Kickstarter.

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Wallets – we have all had at least 20 in our lifetime, all of them pretty much the same. Well it is time to change that, ready for something new, something that has not been seen before, something that is specifically designed for adventure???

My name is Eric Bauer, I am the 20$Bandit just an American guy out to revolutionize the way your carry gear on the daily. I am adventurer, traveler, backpacker, a gear whore, a dirt bike rider, a huge proponent of stuff made in the USA and a Husband and Father of two beautiful children. I am basically a defender of everything good in this world, some would say a sheepdog. My first endeavor, 20$Bandit was the result of a successful Kickstarer project that unexpectedly shoved me into the spotlight about a year and a half ago. The popularity of my first pouch afforded me the great opportunity to design and build several new products and start a real design company called Triple7Gear.

The requirements for this new wallet were as follows, it had to be rugged, compact, lightweight and able to secure not only cash, credit cards and ID but small gear referred to as Nano kit. Basically, Nano kit is extremely small gear items that you carry with you on a daily basis. Headphones, knives, flashlights, micro multitools, flash drives, lighters you get the idea.

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In an effort to find an existing product before we went through the process of designing and manufacturing something new a scan through the internet, Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook was in order. We found some really cool wallets but none of them met our complete set of requirements. We really wanted something cool and new, you know something you could EDC small gear items in if needed, a wallet that worked equally well at the office or on an adventure. Here is our best stab at it.

CORE Nano Wallet4

We have been testing the wallet now for months and sincerely believe this to be a unique and new idea that will most definitely appeal to other like minded adventurous folk. Even if you never place anything besides your cash and cards in the CORE Nano you will still love it! The tri-fold design creates a very slick look when closed and secures your cash, cards and ID even under the toughest condition’s.

CORE Nano Wallet5

We have a manufacturing partner in place for the production of our existing products, one that we are very proud of Honorpoint, LLC. They are a Disabled Veteran Owned Business based in San Diego, so not only will the CORE Nano be made in the USA but it will be made by a Disabled Veteran Owned business!!!!


  • Dimensions: 2.5″ W x 4″ H x .5 ” D (closed) / 8″ W x 4″ H x .2″ D (open)
  • Material: 1000D Ballistic Nylon
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA!!

CORE Nano Wallet6

Help fund the the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet by Triple 7 Gear on Kickstarter!

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