Now available from Trijicon – the new improved RMR Type 2

What´s new on it?

The redesigned and upgraded electronics in the new RMR Type 2 passed extensive endurance testing, providing optimal performance when mounted on a pistol slide and/or other small arms platforms. Included in the new RMR Type 2 is a button lock mode, and battery saving features, which make this optic ideal for concealed carry and Law Enforcement use.

The Trijicon RMR is extremely versatile as a primary optic on handguns, rifles, carbines and shotguns. When paired with a magnified optic, the RMR is an excellent solution as a secondary CQB optic, and as a backup sight.

Below you find the product sheet from the RMR which includes all the facts you have to know. Just click the picture and you got it.

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