Introducing a new media partner from AMNB – Travail Fitness

Today we want to highlight their custom work plates they do for their customers and sponsored players. Really interesting to see what they offer and how you can get yours done unique!

Travail Fitness Group are always looking to push the envelope with their training plates to bring you something unique and the new feature is no exception, they are now offering full
customisation option on all their plates, from custom colours at no extra charge, team/player logos for only £4.99 or complete size and shape redesign for just £15 extra, you can truly create
a set that is as unique as you are that totally caters to your needs and requirements.

Travail Fitness Custom Plates

The choice of backing has also been increased to include 20mm Pyrosorb (as well as the ever popular 12 and 15mm neoprene options) so you can really fill out the plate bag on your carrier whilst having an unrivaled level of comfort all game long.

Travail Fitness Custom Plates

Also available now are their replica soft armour inserts to take your realism to new heights, designed to work in tandem with their multi curve training plates to bring you a more complete
training system with an added real world feel, available as a package with your custom plates or as stand alone singles or as a pair on the website right now!
They now also offer ‘Granit2’ style in all weights as a production model, originally a custom design for sponsored player Bjorn Klockar (@klockar on Instagram) they proved so popular they
were added to the line up and have been flying out of the store ever since!

The Travail team continues to expand with some of airsofts biggest names including: Dan Foofighter, Offset Tac, Nico Oprt01, Shadow Bravo09, Inzzen, the aforementioned Klockar and
his team, Senil, Cediop and Blackgoat, as well as Spartan race/OCR superstar Dashee Vavrova.

You can find these great players on instagram:


Brand new to the sponsor program is the team from @direct_action_group who just signed their contract with Travail.

Here is a collection of some more custom work they have done so far:

Got your interest? Check their web for the full line up >>