Introducing The ShadowMark6 — TrackingPoint’s New 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle!

Built on TrackingPoint’s next-generation bolt-action platform, the ShadowMark6 couples the versatility of the vaunted 6.5 Creedmoor, the cartridge shooters and hunters alike are talking about, with an extended 1000-yard lock range to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

While originally designed and developed as the quintessential precision match cartridge, the 6.5 Creedmoor has evolved into the ideal round for both long distance target shooting and for any North American game up to and including ELK. The simplicity and reliability of the bolt action platform coupled with TrackingPoint’s patented lock-and-load precision guiding technology makes the ShadowMark6 the most innovative bolt action rifle on the market today.

As a shooter or hunter pulls the trigger the target is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly neutralized. RapidLok™ Fire Control is image stabilized enabling shooters to lock targets with relative ease. RapidLok™ has an auto-snap feature that automatically adjusts point-of-impact to target center of mass.

Also, target velocity is instantly measured and contemplated in the launch solution. RapidLok™ incorporates a laser-based Barrel Reference System that ensures shot-to-shot perfect zero eliminating error from shock, vibration, or environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

When deployed with ShotGlass™ the hunter/shooter can be completely unexposed and can see and engage targets as if he were looking through the scope.  The scope view is projected into the shooters glasses so he can acquire and neutralize the target with virtually no exposure.  Users can now shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate.

ShadowMark6 from TrackingPoint on Vimeo.