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TrackingPoint Announces Night Vision Products.

TrackingPoint is pleased to announce it’s first night vision product for all the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms (PGFs). The Night Vision Kit (NVK) is available for most fielded and future PGFs, and provides Gen2-like night vision performance. The NVK is comprised of a software upgrade on a Thumb Drive and high intensity Infrared (IR) Illuminator, which enables the scope’s embedded infrared sensitive CMOS sensor to detect light not visible to the human eye.

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Depending on the strength of the IR Illuminator, targets can be engaged and tracked out to 200 yards at night. With the NVK, a shooter can tag-and-track at night, pulling the trigger to automatically acquire and track targets. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly eliminated. Total Time-To-Kill (TTK) is approximately 2.5 seconds. RapidLokTM  Fire Control is image stabilized, enabling you to make off-hand shots and shots on the run.

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Installation of the NVK is simple and straight forward. To enable night vision, the user inserts the Thumb Drive into the scope USB port and powers on the scope for the software upgrade. Additionally, the IR Illuminator comes with a rail mount kit. The NVK retails for $2495 and will begin shipping on April 1st. TrackingPoint is accepting orders now.

Night Vision Upgrade

  • Night time full tag-and-track capabilities
  • Eliminate predators and protect your property in the dark
  • Works with ShotGlass for full stealth nighttime target engagements

TrackingPoint announced today the first Precision-Guided Firearm designed specifically for homestead defense.  Optimized for protecting property and lives, the NightHawk .300 Blackout Home Defense provides the knock-down power of the precision-guided 300BO coupled with into-the-dark night vision capabilities, giving you precise lethality 24 hours per day. It incorporates all of the advanced technology found in our military products including RapidLokTM target acquisition, stabilized off-hand target engagements, and zero-signature lethality.

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Utilizing CMOS sensor technology to deliver Gen2-like night vision performance, after dark you are able to acquire and track potential threats just as you would in daylight. The Nighthawk includes a rail-mounted IR Illuminator. This is also the first PGF to allow the use of off-the-shelf ammunition. The first 100 NightHawk purchases will be sold at an exclusive offer price of $6995.

The NightHawk – First Night Vision Precision-Guided Firearm

.300 Blackout Specifically Designed For Homestead Defense

  • First Night Vision PGF
  • $6,995 for first 100 purchases (Normally $15,490)
  • Uses off-the-shelf ammo
  • Specifically designed for homestead defense
  • Financing Available, Payments as low as $160/month

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