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TrackingPoint Introduces New semi-automatic 300HO (HogOut) Optimized For Acquisition and Elimination of Hogs and other Predators.

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TrackingPoint is proud to announce the new 300HO(HogOut) – designed for eliminating feral hogs and predators with unprecedented efficiency. The HogOut uses TrackingPoint’s new RapidLokTM Target Elimination Fire Control system to automatically acquire and eliminate hogs and other predators at long distances even if they are moving at high velocities.

“Feral hogs are a growing problem in the US, causing billions of dollars in property damage every year, both in wild and agricultural lands,” said John McHale, TrackingPoint CEO. “They can breed when they are only 8-months old and have two litters a year with as many as 10 piglets in each litter. TrackingPoint’s 300HO is a new weapon that gives land owners a significant advantage when battling this dreadful scourge.”

traking point 300 HogOut

RapidLok Target Elimination Fire Control System

As a shooter pulls the trigger the hog is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the hog is instantly eliminated. Total Time-To-Kill (TTK) is approximately 2.5 seconds. RapidLokTM Fire Control is image stabilized enabling shooters to make off-hand shots as if they are shooting supported. RapidLokTM has an auto-snap feature that automatically adjusts point-of-impact to target center of mass. Also, target velocity is instantly measured and contemplated in the launch solution. RapidLokTM incorporates a laser-based Barrel Reference System that ensures shot-to-shot perfect zero eliminating error from shock, vibration, or environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

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Zero-Signature Lethality

The 300HO streams video to TrackingPoint’s ShotGlasstm wearable glasses. The shooter can see the targeted hog drove without putting his head behind the gun, so he is completely unexposed and can see and eliminate hogs and predators as if he were looking in the scope. Shooters can shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate on moving targets at long distances.

Availability and Pricing

The 300HO ($12,995) will begin shipping on January 31, 2016.

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