Whether you’re wearing a suit for a special occasion, working on your farm, or choosing today’s EDC, the Tops Knives new TAC-RAZE Friction Folding Knife is the knife for you.

Tops Knives TAC-RAZE 5

One of the first things people notice about the Tac-Raze is that it’s reminiscent of a straight razor (although with the recurved blade we don’t recommend actually shaving with it). Leo Espinoza designed it with that type of blade in mind.

Tops Knives TAC-RAZE 2

This is TOPS’ first ever friction folder. Leo wanted it to fill two purposes specifically. It had to be a good-looking gentleman’s EDC that could be carried and used in public, and it had to be a functional tool. To accomplish those needs, he started with simple shapes and added curves in all the right places. Even the sheath is stylish, but also gives the wearer a variety of carry options.

Tops Knives TAC-RAZE 4

It’s not just about looks though. This knife will perform everyday tasks quickly and easily, such as opening packages, cutting down boxes, cutting rope, etc. The TAC-Raze is also a devastating slasher with its recurved blade. It never hurts to have that last line of defense.

Tops Knives TAC-RAZE 3

It comes with TOPS’ classy Cryptic Cyber Scales on Black G10 handles. The tumble finished 1095 steel blade looks great and has TOPS’ famous differential heat treat. The strong brown leather sheath can be worn vertically or horizontally on a belt for ease of carry whether open or concealed.

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