The new Fiel Knife from TOPS Knives. Great as a last resort tool, tactical blade, and a serious EDC.

Fiel – Spanish for “Faithful” or “Accurate”. This knife is aptly named. It’s a double-edged, hideaway fixed blade that makes a great last resort tool, tactical blade, and a serious EDC.

Tops Knives Fiel Knife 3

Because of its small size and comfortable, contoured handle, it is easy to wield. That makes for precise slashing, slicing, and stabbing cuts.

Tops Knives Fiel Knife 2

There are generous finger guards and jimping on the flat of each side of the blade to give a solid grip for safety.

Tops Knives Fiel Knife 4

The sheath was engineered to work well as a neck knife with a secure lock up on the blade, but is also compatible with Tek-Lok for those that would prefer to wear it on their belts.

Tops Knives Fiel Knife 5

The Fiel is small enough and slim enough to make it an excellent concealed carry option. It’s perfect for military, Law enforcement, and guys who want a good urban defense option. It’s also attractive and useful enough to make a great EDC knife. The Fiel will not let you down.

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