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The America Grip – Tool Grip combines the simplicty of having rail covers on the picatinny rails of your rifle with the practicality of having a micro-tool always at hand.


America Grip’s innovative, dependable and highly adaptable Tool Grip system reduces pack weight, simplifies real-time repairs and, offers unmatched convenience, both at home and in the field. Recreational shooters, hunters, survivalists, airsoft enthusiasts, veterans and active service men and women, alike, trust America Grip when preparing for and carrying out unique missions all across the globe.


The Tool Grip™ fits most modern rail systems and accepts most 2″ hex-shanked tool bits, so you can customize your loadout for any mission. Push bits free with fingers or a bullet tip. Snap segments on and off by hand.


• Made in the USA of rugged ABS plastic
• Diamond pattern grip texture provides a sure, long lasting hold
• Each set contains four (4) grip panels
• Each set comes with eight carefully selected 2” hex bit tools:

  • P1 Phillips
  • P2 Phillips
  • 8-10 Slot (Flat Head)
  • #1 Robertson (Square Head Punch)
  • T10 Star
  • T15 Star
  • T20 Star
  • T25 Star


Assembling the TOOL GRIP™

1 – Remove all bits from the grip segments
2 – Align grip segments so bit loops interweave on both sides
3 – Snap grip segments together
4 – Insert desired tool bit into center slot at end of Tool Grip™

Disassembling the TOOL GRIP™

1 – Remove all tool bits from the Tool Grip™
2 – Place thumb and index finger over “USA” marks on center loops
3 – Using other hand, twist end loops until grip segments separate


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