It´s almost here, the NEW Tokyo Marui AK47 NEG

If you followed Tokyo Marui over the year, you probably noticed the process of the new AK47 NEG. NOW, we can finally say: it´s coming to dealers very soon. As TM has set the release date for the 7th of December, we just wanted to keep you up to date once again.

The NEG is an enhanced version with an auto-stop and bolt release mechanism system which were not used in the next generation electric gun AK series.

Tokyo Marui AK47 NEG

Pull the bolt handle to load the first bullet, activate reaction with bolt linked with launch, actuate stop with magazine zero elimination, and reload the bolt handle after pulling the magazine. It is now possible to enjoy the series of flow related to this launch with the same real manipulation as genuine.

Furthermore, the internal mechanism is also refined according to the addition of the new function. Workability and durability are improved.

Pursuing a realistic texture with a particular surface finish!

The lower receiver reproduces the texture of steel scraping by applying deflick coat. And, we adopt reddish woodgrain finish for hand guard and stock. We produce a ‘realistic feeling’ derived from non-movable real guns and various materials.

In addition, metal parts such as die casting and press steel are adopted for parts of each part, including lower receivers. It produces a heavy feeling in the eyes and a heavy feeling when in hand, and also realizes high rigidity.”


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