Tokyo Marui M45A1 – just another 1911 but in TAN?!

Tokyo Marui officially announced that they will start to ship out their new M45A1 CQB pistol on February the 23rd. The TM M45A1 GBB could become interesting for those of you who are addicted to reenact the USMC as this one is a good replica of the service pistol the Marines Corps run as a replacement of the MEU.

Tokiyo Marui M45A1

TM also says that they improved some parts of the pistol to make the overall shooting experience for the player much better such as the gas blow back system/recoil shock and the overall operation stability. As my Japanese isn´t the best, I couldn´t get more information at the moment for you. But as the 23rd isn´t that far away, we can expect much more details aout it very soon and you know we will spread out hands out for you to get them first to keep you in the loop.

So is it just aonther 1911 GBB Pistol? We´ll find it out very soon. Till then, enjoy some more detailed pictures below.


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