You’ve always wanted to get a Mohawk. Now’s your chance! TNVC Inc. has it back in stock!

Their new Mohawk Mk1 and Mk2 are the most versatile helmet accessory storage and retention systems on the market they say. Let´s find out what they offer…

The TNVC Mohawk Mk1 & Mk2 are a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet.  Incorporating operator feedback as well as our staff’s own battlefield experience, we designed the Mohawk Mk1 & Mk2 to be a highly functional, modular accessory for all modern warriors.

Mohawk Mk1

It provides useful storage and retention of mission-essential gear and will attach to any currently-fielded ballistic or bump helmet with Velcro.  Building on the feature-rich Mk1, the Mk2 variant is designed for operators running an NVG system with a remote battery pack.  This would include goggles such as the TNV/Sentinel, ANVIS9, AVS-6, AN/PVS-23, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18, etc.

Mohawk Mk2

The Mohawk Mk2 is packed full of useful features for Armed Professionals and Civilian Hunters alike.  No other helmet accessory system offers this level of versatility.  Designed by TNVC staff, they tapped their good friends at Explosive Ops Gear (EOG) to produce it for them.

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