TNVC Inc Introduces the Universal Night Vision Phone Adapter.

Smart Phones are the best and easiest method of capturing night vision photos. The trick is holding the phone and NVG steady and in line enough to take the photo or video. Tele Vue Optics is a leading name in precision lens manufacturing and lens accessories. We have partnered with them to develop an exclusive adapter that couples any cell phone with a PVS-14 eye piece assembly.

The Tele Vue FoneMate is a universal smart phone adapter that will literally adapt any phone to another optic. It is completely adjustable for height/width, and has deep fingers that will secure phones with any case. TNVC partnered with Tele Vue to develop an adapter ring specifically designed to attach a PVS-14 eye piece assembly. An internal, non-marring ring collapses around the eye piece diopter focus.

Now, you can perfectly line up your NVG and your smart phone for perfect night vision photos. The Night Vision FoneMate Adapter also works beautifully with the Trijicon Electro Optics Thermal Systems equipped with PVS-14 Eye Piece Assemblies!

Available exclusively from TNVC

There are two packages available.

  1. FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Adapter System – Includes the Tele Vue FoneMate + TNVC PVS-14 Eyepiece Adapter.  This system is all you need to capture beautiful night vision images on any smart phone.
  2. FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Afocal Astronomy Adapter System – Includes Tele Vue FoneMate + TNVC PVS-14 Eyepiece Adapter + Afocal Astronomy Adapter.

The Afocal Astronomy Adapter gives you the ability to attach your FoneMate – equipped night vision monocular to many popular telescope eyepieces for unparalleled star-gazing.  Not only will night vision supercharge your telescope’s capability, but you’ll be able to capture it on your smart phone!